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Thursday, January 15, 2015
Will the Orbita Bold Winder wind my IWC Aquatimer?

It might. However IWC makes a number of Aquatimer Watches, so it depends on the movement inside the watch, turn the watch over
look for one of the numbers listed below.
The IWC 30110,
the IWC 80111,
and finally
the IWC 89360
will wind with any and all Orbita Winders including the BOLD. Since
these Aquatimer movements wind in both directions and need only about 800 turns per day 400 each way or
800 either direction will keep the 3 of these Aquatimer movements running.

However the Chronographs will not work with the BOLD. The Movements that we are talking about are
the IWC 79320 and IWC 79470 both wind in only the CLOCK WISE direction and need 800 turns so the BOLD
will only wind it half the number of turns clock wise and the watch will stop.
The Siena 1 Programmable is the Winder of Choice for the Aquatimer Chronograph watches.


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Monday, September 24, 2012
From: Tom Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012

While I have an Orbita 4-watch winder, my son-in-law is looking
for a 1-watch winder for his first automatic watch. We were considering
the Eilux 1466 or 1388 as a starter winder, although I see it is not
fully programmable so I worried about over winding his Tissot,
which my research says needs 650 Turns Per Day. Should we get the affordable
Eilux Winder or should we just let it sit and wind it as needed?

Dear Tom,

Over winding is a popular conversation with winders.
Rest assured none of the products we sell will ever damage any automatic watch.
I can not speak for other products on the market sold elsewhere or at unauthorized retail sites. We refuse to sell junk.
Eilux is a great winder maker. You can not go wrong putting the Tissot in the little 1466 Leather Lux Model Shown here.

Some people argue Orbita is better, however the difference is marginal.
If price is
not a determining factor, go with the fully programmable Orbita models.

Do not worry about the Eilux Winder over winding that watch,

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(a few watches this matters with more than others),
most watches have an anti slip mechanism to prevent over winding while being worn.
But the watch does not know if you are wearing it or if it is inside a winder,
it works the same and prevents over winding.
You can easily turn the watch double or triple the minimum TPD setting without issue.
Just you do not ever buy a winder that works 24x7.

The rest period is important. The program-ability for turns
per day is less an issue than the industry would have you know...The Cheaper Eilux
winder will serve you well...Over winding is not an issue with
modern watches since they all have the anti slip mechanisms to prevent
overwinding, and when you wear the watch you probably turn it 5,000
times or so a day. Under winding is more of an issue, some people say it will
damage your watch and a good watch winder will prevent this.
Plus many people do over wind their watches when winding them by hand.
For some reason they just turn that dial over and over and over,
instead of the 40 or less most manufacturers recommend and
pop! They over wind and break the winder stem. Kaching! $600 repair bill!
So do not let it sit getting dusty and put the winding stem at risk
every time he needs to wind it to wear it.
Get your son's Tissot into a winder, and the Eilux is a decent choice
if that is all he can afford at this juncture. Why not help him out though and buy
it for him as a gift!

Copyright © 2012 on ward by
All Rights Reserved.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012
I know this is a little "off topic"
I just wanted to put a plug in for our Office and Warehouse Land Lord.
Skip Willis of Charlottesville Virginia.
Skip is first and foremost an artist and wealthy land owner. Second he is a Neon Sign repair guy.
Every day it seems someone knocks on my door looking for him for repair work.

I guess with the advent of LED lights and their use in signs,
it is harder and harder to find a good Neon Repairman.

Skips website for Neon Repair in Central Virginia is

You will not find a more reliable, trust worthy or better repairman for neon in Virginia, or maybe in the USA. If you can ship it Skip can fix it.

His offices are right above mine,(well to the left and above in the Historical Beck Cohen Building)
however do me a favor knock on his door not ours! ;-)
Better yet call him and leave a voice mail,
he will probably be busy fixing something.
Don't use his contact us form, just give him a call.

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by: WatchCases
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Subject: Customer Question
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012

Question: Hi, I need a replacement adapter for this old Buben Winder.(over 6 years old)

I have an old Buben and Zorweg Superior 2 Macassar
watch winder and I need a replacement adapter. You list one on your site
but it's says "not available", can you still get one?


Please take a picture of the back of your Buben watch winder. Make sure it shows the
words and the adapter plug in hole. They usually ask for this for older Buben
models. I suspect we can get one. Be warned they are really expensive! Like
maybe $100? Part is due to importing and currency differences and part is because
they over charge for their adapters.
Did you buy the unit from us? (I do not recall ever selling that name
unit). If so we can discount the item from retail. If not we will have to
charge standard retail. Thanks for the picture in advance.
Have a nice evening.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Single Winder Standard Pillows (Fully Programmable) Wolf Designs 4560 and 4561
Customer Comments:

"After reading the customer satisfaction notes, I am worried that I did not order the accessory pillow for the Wolf Designs Winder I just purchased from you. I am using this for a women's rolex watch and it sounds like the pillow that comes with this is going to be too large. If you need to add this smaller pillow to my order I hope that you can. Thank you so much. I will try to call in tomorrow, during business hours; to talk to someone about this.
Thank you so much,
Barbara in Lakeland Florida. "

The Wolf Designs Winders come with a standard sized compressable watch holder that we feel is a bit on the large size even for an average sized man. Therefore as a bonus to our customers we offer with initial purchase to include the smaller watch holder pillows for only a small shipping and handling fee, the "pillows" must ship separately from the winder. Should you need the smaller pillows at a later date we are glad to sell them to you at their normal retail price. We are happy to include the pillows with your order however and thank you for the note.

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by: WatchCases
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Subject: Customer Question:

Which is the best watch winder for a Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX 5 automatic watch? Many thanks. Willi


Nice watch! You need a fully programmable winder, I would suggest one of these:

The Siena 1 fully programmable winder: Most programmable of the bunch.

The Privee, has super long life lithium batteries and is programmable.

The Wolf Designs, a nice compromise of price and winding ability.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Question: from Anil

I have a Patek Worldtimer 5110', Breguet perpetual, Hublot big bang and a Lange and Sohne 1, I need a good watchinder....nothing fancy or showy. Which one would you recommend?


Anil, Thanks for the question, what an awesome collection!
The Patek World Time 5110 should require a programmable winder that gives at least 800 Turns Per Day in the Counter Clockwise Direction.
The Breguet Perpetual, as you call it,
could be any number of watches and either needs a programmable winder for at least 500 turns Clockwise
or about 700 Turns in both directions,
depends on the caliber movement of your actual watch. The Hublot Big Bang (one nice watch series!)
requires anything from Clockwise to Counter Clockwise to Both Directional turning
and from a low of 500 to a high of 900 Turns depending on which watch you have.
They make a huge variety of different watches with that name.
Very nice series very different movements in many. And finally for your Alange & Soehne.
I have no information at all!
However probably it requires CW 800 TPD.(just an educated guess, but trial and error will not harm the watch, but the important thing is a winder that is programmable for directions.)
Four Winders tend to be by their nature expensive and fancy, so I can not recommend anything not so. Few people can afford 4 automatics and so their is no price pressure to make cheap 4 watch winders. The cheaper winders on the market likely will not wind your expensive collection and may well do it harm since inexpensive winders tend to never stop. You need a modern programmable winder that turns on and off and is off most of the time. It also needs to be of changing directions, the turns per day could be fixed as high as 1,000 and not cause any problems, but I would go for programmable turns in addition to directional programmability. My first pick for that amazing collection is the Buben and Zorweg Safemaster Winder.
URL is below:

If the Buben is too much money for you a little company called Rotolution makes a winder that can be set as low as 500 turns which is perfect for your Breguet Perpetual.
URL is below:

Finally Wolf Designs makes a winder that will do a nice job for you. Maybe the best choice for price and progammability.
URL is below:

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